A new resource for you: The Brand Clarity Workbook

Well good morning! I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to share a new resource with you: The Brand Clarity Workbook. This one has been quite some time in the development: more than a year of actual working on the workbook and it draws on almost twenty years experience working with entrepreneurs.

It’s different to the How to Style your Brand Planning Workbook because this time, I’m focusing much more on finding your niche. Of course there’s a little crossover, but in the main, you’ll gain a really strong handle on your brand position. Where you sit in the market, what makes you utterly brilliant at what you do and how you want your business to come across.

Those of you who have found it difficult to discern exactly what you want to be known for, which values are really relevant to your business and why what you do matters will love this workbook. This is the workbook to pull out before you embark on a branding project. It’s the workbook to download just before you start a big planning session and want to think about the direction for your business. It’s a fabulous tool to empower you to feel confident in what you do best and let go of those things that are muddying your message.

In short, it’s about finding the clarity in your brand. And I know you are going to love it!

To access the download

The Brand Clarity Workbook is in this post. You’ll need to be signed up to the mailing list to gain access, which is the work of moments. Oh, and one more thing. The plugin works by placing a cookie on your device- so you’ll need to be downloading on the same device you signed up on… Take a look at the FAQ’s if you’re having issues.

Enjoy! And do let me know how you get on with it. You’ll find the workbook in this post.

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