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Welcome back!

This week marks the return to school in the UK and for many of us, the return to routine, being in three places at once and last minute dashes for lost items of school uniform. For me, it’s the chance to once again welcome a little time back in to my life. A small chink where I can exercise, write and work on projects. There aren’t many hours, but with the ‘baby’ starting school next year I’m utterly determined to make the most of my time with her and keep a lid on the time I spend working. Those years go by far too fast.

How was your summer? We had a really magical time, travelling, chilling and making a lot of memories. We spent a week in Greece (below), a few days in the Cotswolds and visited a few UK beaches as well as Bath and The New Forest. It went by way too fast.


My plan of totally taking the whole summer off and pretending I was a stay at home mum didn’t quite go to plan. But in hindsight maybe that was a little unrealistic? I did do some writing in the evening, I worked on my new branding with the lovely Shauna (more on that soon) but there were no client projects and very little social media. I loved being able to be fully present with the children, not distracted by work or any crazy schemes, I was calm and I had a total digital detox while we were in Greece. It was amazing. I deleted all my social media apps and my mail from my phone and I can’t tell you how lovely that was. I’d definitely recommend it.

We visited Ile de Re for a few nights and that was so gorgeous. Quite possibly the most beautiful place I’ve seen. The light, the food, the colours… breathtaking.


I have so many plans for The Brand Stylist this year. It’s amazing how a break from deadlines, routine and the general noise can do that for you isn’t it? Can’t wait to share the process behind my gorgeous new brand identity, which I worked on with Branch. I’ve created a whole new new-look newsletter, and I want to share more on that too… So watch this space. With four events next week (two Flowerona workshops, a Flowerona event and I’m speaking at Paperfest at Top Drawer) it may not all happen as quickly as I’d like, but I’m back and very excited for the new year.

Happy Autumn! I hope you have a productive and inspiring few months.

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Susanne Geert

Welcome back, Fiona – lovely to have you back (you have been missed);-)!

Great to hear that you had a lovely (and definitely well-deserved) time off with your family. You are right – time goes way too fast while the kids are young;-( Enjoy it while we can;-)!

It’s funny – not very long distance between the UK and Denmark (where I am from) and yet so big difference in the school holiday period. My kids were out of school from around June 24th until August 10th!

Anyway, a great autumn to you, too;-)

Best wishes for all you interesting projects,


Fiona Humberstone

Thank you so much Susanne! So you must be well into Autumn by now and are probably super organised, whilst I am still trying to catch my breath 😉 Have a great few months before the madness of Christmas descends!



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