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As a modern entrepreneur, you need an incisive vision; for what your brand stands for and where it’s headed. You need to communicate in a way that consistently enchants your audience and retain your focus in an increasingly noisy world.

In Brand Brilliance, bestselling author and branding expert Fiona Humberstone takes you on a comprehensive journey to help you identify your dream clients, refine your message and up your marketing game.

With her trademark inspirational, practical and easy-to-implement style, Fiona shows you how to add substance and clarity to your brand, pull into focus the things that really matter and enable you to communicate with purpose and flair. Expect to feel empowered, inspired and energised!

‘A smart, down-to-earth guide on how to rock your brand.’ Charlotte Gueniau, Rice.DK

modern marketing for big thinkers

Branding your business well is more important today than it’s ever been. And it’s about more than visuals. It’s about having a strong message, a clear vision and owning your style. It’s about knowing your worth, celebrating your magic and creating a destination brand. It’s about making your business the only logical choice for your ideal clients.

Cutting through the ‘noise’, captivating your clients and retaining this focus can feel overwhelming. Because, as a modern entrepreneur, there’s also the business of being, well, a creative director, art director, stylist, photographer, designer, head of production and social media manager all rolled in to one. And that’s just the marketing…

All of this is totally within your reach. You just need a little clarity, a generous sprinkling of know-how and the inspiration to take your communications up a gear.

Packed with insider insights, tried and tested processes and inspirational examples from more than 50 businesses, Brand Brilliance will help you enchant your audience and streamline everything you do. It will refocus your vision, ignite your energy and take your brand to a whole new level.

‘A brilliant brand journey to help build your story and give your business backbone.’ Ashley Jankowski, Braizen

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