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be irresistible

A confident, distinctive style is essential for each and every creative business.

Own it, celebrate it and nurture it and you’ll find it’s the catalyst for consistently winning the projects you dream of, gaining respect and freedom from your clients and creating a profitable, sustainable business.

So often we feel obliged to dilute our vision, water down our offering and be all things to all people. As a creative entrepreneur, your style, your creativity, your edit and your aesthetic are your currency. They are the reason your clients will cross continents to work with you.

It’s only when you really sharpen up on what you want to be known for, and have the courage to curate your offering, that you’ll win more of the work you’re capable of.

Join Fiona Humberstone, The Brand Stylist, for an inspirational, informative and energising two-day workshop designed to help you define, articulate and celebrate your magic. Discover how to show your clients the value in what you do, consistently win more of the right work and unleash the potential within your business.

UPDATE: This workshop is now 30% full.

Middleton Lodge, North Yorkshire, 13-14 June 2018

start with the magic

When you’re hustling through life, it’s easy to lose track of precisely what makes your business brilliant. And as a creative entrepreneur, it’s not your customer service, your professionalism or your quick turnarounds. It’s your creative style.

However brilliant you are, over time, this can become muddled. We get pulled in a multitude of directions, say yes to projects we may later regret and can lose our confidence and spark.

This workshop will help you rediscover the magic in what you do. It’ll enable you to clarify your aesthetic, really nail down who you want to be working with and empower you to champion your creative flair.

Most importantly, it will give you the tools and confidence to win more of the right projects and bring the joy back into your work.


‘Its really elevated my idea of my business’ Nancy Poller, Aligned Design Co

What you'll gain

Clarity and confidence

There's something quite magical about knowing exactly what makes your work uniquely brilliant and why your clients are going to pick you over anyone else. It gives you the power, insights and tools to communicate in a way that proves irresistible to your ideal client whilst elegantly filtering out those who simply aren't a good fit.

A clear sense of your worth

When you're running a established business, it's easy to take on work that's not quite the right fit and undermine the success of your company. This is your opportunity to take stock of how far you've come, define precisely what it is that makes your work so special and articulate that to your team and your clients.

Reignite your passion

The Creative Flair workshop is all about you immersing yourself in creativity and reconnecting with your own unique magic. It's about cutting out the noise and putting you back in touch with your passion for your work.

Inspiration and momentum

This is your opportunity to step away from the day-to-day running of your business into a truly magical setting. Guided by a visionary, creative and inspirational teacher, together we'll work through a series of exercises that'll reignite your passion for your work and alight the creative flair within your business.

an inspirational and energising workshop for creative entrepreneurs

I’ve designed this workshop with those of you who run creative businesses in mind: graphic designers, brand stylists, interior designers and photographers, for example. I want to give you the confidence to let go of this idea that you have to be ‘adaptable’ in your work, to free you up to say ‘no’ to more, really hone in on what you do uniquely well and build your business on a truly solid foundation in the process.

This workshop is also ideal for those of you who trade on your creativity but perhaps don’t realise just how fundamental this is to what you do: florists, wedding planners, stylists and web designers, for example.


The Agenda

Two days in an enchanting walled-garden to help you rediscover what makes your work brilliant and unlock the potential within your business.

Wednesday 13 June, Define your Magic

A series of hands-on practical exercises designed to enable to get you to the heart of what makes your work uniquely brilliant. By the end of the day you’ll have a clear sense of what sets you apart, the value you add and a curated portfolio that potential clients can spot at fifty paces.

Thursday 14 June, Win the right work

A mix of practical exercises and informative sessions designed to give you the tools and confidence to start winning the right work the moment you get back to your desk. We’ll explore the specific tools you can use to dazzle potential clients with your brilliance, captivate them with your expertise and galvanise those that are the right fit to see your business as the only logical choice for them.

‘inspiring, invigorating, challenging and rewarding’ SHAZEEN EMAMBUX

you’ll leave with:

A freshly edited compelling and cohesive portfolio your clients can spot a mile off.

A clear understanding of how to make your company an absolute no-brainer for the right client

The ability to discern which projects are a great fit, what you’ll say yes to and what no to

The confidence to go for the work you’re really capable of

An inspirational and infectious vision your team can get on board with

the setting

The Fig House at Middleton Lodge is set in a magnificent 200-acre private country estate in North Yorkshire. We spent my husband’s 40th birthday weekend here and I was absolutely enchanted: with the food, the architecture, the gardens, the service and the spa. As soon as we saw The Fig House, I just knew I needed to  hold an event here.

With gardens designed by Tom Stuart-Smith, food to die for and an utterly magical atmosphere, you’re in for a real treat. And if you’re visiting from further afield, Yorkshire is a beautiful county that’s worth an extra few days’ exploration. They don’t call it Gods’ Own Country for nothing.

Middleton Lodge, Middleton Tyas, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 6NJ

Middleton Lodge is around 10 minutes from Scotch Corner on the A1 or a short taxi ride from Darlington Station where trains to London take around two and a half hours. Leeds-Bradford and Newcastle airports are easily accessible too.


unlock the magic within your business

To join us for this inspirational and energising workshop, please book your place below. Places are strictly limited and as with all workshops with The Brand Stylist, will sell out. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Your investment includes all course materials, a creative and intensive two-day workshop with Fiona Humberstone, The Brand Stylist as well as and delicious lunches on both days and cocktails to finish.

You’re welcome to stay at Middleton Lodge if you’re not local, and there are plenty of alternative hotels nearby.  Accommodation is not included in the cost of the workshop.

creative flair workshop

750 GBP + VAT

Your investment in this two day workshop is £750 + VAT.  VAT is chargeable for those of you based within the EU. Share the cost across two instalments or settle now, the choice is yours.

Please do read the terms of booking and FAQ’s carefully below.



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