The Brand Clarity Workbook

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Claire Thomas

Just a quick thank you Fiona. I attended a Brand Styling course for florists in early 2016. I had inherited a farm that had been stuck in the dark ages for the last 70 years. It desperately needed plus I wanted to do a total rebrand, complete with changing the things on the farm that were grown, from fruit and vegetable to flowers, plus creating a wedding venue from the redundant farm buildings. I didn’t know where to start… The course was the very beginning of my new Brand journey…reading and re-reading your book The Brand Stylist and focusing on what I really wanted finally brought some clarification. Like many others, I knew what I didn’t want but couldn’t quite place my finger on what I DID want, but I finally got there, it was almost like a revelation, thousands of scribbles and sketches later! I absolutely LOVE my new brand, it’s just SO important as it’s everywhere and on everything! What’s more, people are talking about it, it’s immediately recognised and I’m just so proud of it! Had I not been so inspired by you on that course over a year ago I just know this would never have happened…furthermore, I never knew I had it in me!! Big thanks. X
Claire from Wharfedale Grange.

Ps. I would love to do your Majorca trip but May is wedding season and the floristry arm of the business is busier than ever. I’d be there in a shot with an end of September one!



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