Today is the day! Brand Brilliance is launched!

Excuse the quantity of exclamations but it’s not every day you publish a bestselling book. Yes, friends, Brand Brilliance launches today and I am seriously, overwhelmingly excited.

This book has been two years in the making. It started out as a simple follow up to How to Style your Brand. A How to Style your Website if you like and it’s morphed into something bigger and I hope you’ll agree, better than I could’ve hoped for.

Think of Brand Brilliance as more than a book on finding your niche or how to create a website that sells. Think of it as a manifesto for a better way of doing business. One that helps you create a business that plays to your strengths, feeds your ambition and puts you in a category of one.

Think of it as your go to manual to elevate your communications, upscale your vision for your brand and enchant your audience every step of the way.

Those of you that have received your books already have sent me some truly wonderful feedback so thank you. It makes all of the time and energy I put into this totally worthwhile.

Can I ask just one favour? As well as sending your lovely feedback to me, which means the world, would you also take a moment to write an Amazon review? These really do make such a difference.  You can leave a review on here and here.

Thank you’s

I’ve said my thank you’s in the back of the book, so I won’t repeat myself again but I do just want to make special mention to my lovely family who have lived with this book literally in their home for the last five months and helped me wrap and box up the preorders.

Thank you also to my mum and dad who innocently thought they were coming for a weekend to watch their grandchildren sing but actually ended up wrapping boxes most of the time. And thank you to Katie. Elizabeth and Ange for doing a sterling job helping me get ready for the launch.

Can’t wait to party with you! AND, I want to know what you think! I hope you love it as much as I do xx

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Frau Jona&Son

I started to read it and I am sure, I will love it, like I appreciated your first book. It is really helpful for finding or focussing your path. I like the idea that we don´t need to be open for every possible customer but for a focussed group who will love to work with us. Yes, I am happy about this book because I am a Style Coach and designer. And I have some unique selling points which I neglected a bit. The only thing, in my opinion, you could have done, is to prefer a more local printer, not one from China. Supporting local business from the UK or Europe. Nevertheless, I will love working through it and finding my own path with your advice. Love and greetings from Sonja

Fiona Humberstone

Thank you Sonja. I’m glad you like the book.

Like you, I’d have LOVED to have printed in the UK or even in Europe, but the truth is, it just isn’t cost effective. It was 30% more to print over here. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you take off all the costs associated with a book, not to mention the eye-watering personal investment I’ve made, it just wasn’t doable. I think it’s much more important that I get this message out there. And create a product that inspires people, than it is to never be able to get this off the ground. Instead, I’ve chosen to support and champion many, many UK and European businesses which I know will ripple much further through their bottom lines than the initial print investment.

Kate Fletcher

Really looking forward to the book launch tomorrow and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! It looks amazing.



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