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The Brand Stylist is dedicated to empowering you to create an incredible brand.

Books, workshops, online courses, retreats and consultancy will enable you to unlock the potential within your brand and create a company you can be truly proud to call your own.

‘You have this energy that gets people to believe that anything is possible.’ Stacey McIntyre, Choose to Thrive

about fiona

The Brand Stylist was founded by bestselling author and visionary entrepreneur Fiona Humberstone.  An exacting Creative Director and commercially minded Brand Consultant, Fiona works with smart entrepreneurs, bringing clarity and vision to every project she works on.

Fiona runs game-changing courses and retreats, both online and around the world.

How to Style your Brand was published by Fiona’s publishing imprint, Copper Beech Press, in May 2015 and has remained a number one Amazon bestseller ever since. Almost three years on, the book is now on its eighth run and continues to delight and empower entrepreneurs around the world.

Her latest book, the bestselling Brand Brilliance, was released in May 2017 and champions a better way of doing business. An alternative to the hustle. Think of it as a guide to modern marketing for visionary entrepreneurs.


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