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Thousands of entrepreneurs have downloaded resources from The Brand Stylist blog but as with anything tech, hiccups do occasionally happen. Here are the most common reasons you might find you’re struggling to access a particular resource, and what to do about it.

allow cookies

Access to the resources is powered by a plugin called Chimpy which places a cookie on your device. If you’ve blocked cookies the plugin won’t work so you won’t be able to reach the download you’re looking for. Unblock cookies and try signing up again and you should be fine.

use the same device

The plugin works by placing a cookie on your device, rather than with your email address. So if you signed up, say, on your iPad but are trying to access via your laptop, you’ll need to go through the signup process again or go back to the device you signed up with. You shouldn’t get two sets of emails (and you can unsubscribe instantly if you find that you do).

did you sign up a while ago?

If it’s been a while since you signed up, or you’ve cleared your cache, the chances are, the cookie has disappeared. Sign up again and you should get access right away.


For some reason the form is quite the stickler for website etiquette. Annoying, I know. Make sure you’ve added http:// (with the colon and the slashes) in front of your web address. Or if you prefer, don’t add it at all!

tried all of the above?

The steps should be pretty watertight. We’ve had 100% success rate so far, but if you try all of the above and you are still having no joy then please do get in touch.