An Easter treat for you

Happy Friday! I’m thrilled to be able present a little Easter gift to you. Nope, I’m afraid it’s not chocolate or hot cross buns, but it will be very useful for finding your focus and upping your game.

Drumroll please: I give you… The How to Style Your Brand Planning Workbook. A free download I’ve created especially to work alongside my forthcoming book, How to Style Your Brand, which, excitingly, is now available for preorder in the USA!! Hurrah! Here’s the book on and also Those of you in other parts of the world can preorder direct from my distributor.

Download your free branding workbook


I’m so excited to be able to share this with you! It’s an extract from my forthcoming book How to Style Your Brandreworked and redesigned into a workbook that you can use to really use to take your business up a gear. In it I cover the essential questions that you need to ask yourself when planning a new website or brand for your business.

To download your copy you’ll need to skip on over to this post and join the mailing list to gain free, instant access. Those of you already subscribed will need to log in. I have much more planned over the next few months so I hope you enjoy!

This week I’ve been up in London at my favourite venue, Brixton East, running two workshops – Colour for Creatives and Branding for Florists with my friend Rona Wheeldon (aka Flowerona). We had *the best* time and I’m so excited and inspired for the future. On both days we had a really wonderful mix of students which made the day so much fun. I can’t wait to share photos of the day with you in a few weeks. In the meantime, here are a few from Wednesday’s Branding for Florists workshop by the fabulous Katie Spicer.

And on a personal note: regaining my balance

I’m now pretty much finished for the Easter holidays. I’m really looking forward to taking a couple of weeks out after what has been an incredibly intense three months.

I don’t think I have ever worked as hard as I did in January when I was putting together the design for my book. And February was just as busy. Packed with four client projects and a workshop (plus speaking at the Exhibitor Masterclass in London’s Excel Arena). Oh and there was a half term to navigate plus three family birthdays! March has seen more client work and two workshops. It’s been relentless to say the least. Fun, but my work life balance has totally gone up the spout.

Flowerona - Branding for Florists-18

I’m looking forward to redressing the balance and spending time with our young family. Now is probably a very good time to say an enormous thank you to my lovely husband, Pete, who has been my rock: helping in a very practical level with the children and also providing heaps of emotional support and encouragement. I’m a very lucky lady.

This last three months has been great to help me understand what I can manage. I love what I do and I find it so hard to turn down projects or ask people to wait but I also realise that I can’t continue at this pace.

Flowerona - Branding for Florists-7

Years ago, when I was running my last business, I remember reading a post by photographer Vicki Knights on how she had taken on too much and was cutting right back on the projects she took on.  That post has always stayed in my mind and I’m finding myself writing a very similar post 😉

So the plan is that from now on I will take on just one three or four day project a month. I’ll work on the sorts of things where I can add the most value: creative direction and website planning and copywriting as well as communications projects. This will mean I can really get my teeth into what I’m working on and have plenty of time to work on my own stuff, as well as spend with my family. Poppy is two and she has just started nursery two mornings a week but it’s incredibly important to me to be there for the children: emotionally as well as physically and I can’t do that if I have too many deadlines on my mind.

Flowerona - Branding for Florists-44

I’ve totally reorganised my diary and am now booked up until June. I’m telling you this mostly so that if you have a project you might like me to help you with in the future, you can get in touch in plenty of time. I hate saying no, and I’ve had to a lot recently because I simply can’t take on too much. It may be that once I get some balance back, I can manage a couple of projects a month, but I’d like to start out with something I know is totally manageable and work from there. I’ll still continue to run workshops, and have a couple booked in for the Autumn as well as one potentially in New York!!! I’ll keep you posted…

Do download the workbook – who knows, you may get a little time to work on it over the long Easter break?! Have a great couple of weeks and I’ll see you on the other side…

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Julie Davies

Hi Fiona,
just a quick note to let you know that I was given a copy of Exhibit! for my birthday this week. I’ve read it from cover-to-cover and have already put myself forward as a speaker at an event at the end of the year ( … so there’ll be lots of time to plan!).
An inspiring read.
Thank you.


Thank you so much for letting me know Julie! All the best with your exhibition 🙂

Vicki Knights

Hi Fiona, I was just reading through this and thinking how it reminded me of my situation a few years ago then saw your link to my blog post!

Like you, I find it so hard to turn away business but I have always stuck to those maximum work limits I set myself back back in 2011 and it’s made the world of difference. Good luck with it!

Tina Smith

This is such a universal struggle for creatives – how can we add as much value as possible while working as little as possible. Every hour I work means one less hour I have available to spend with my family on things that really matter…thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom with us!



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