How to Style your Brand Resources

Thank you so much for investing in a copy of How to Style your Brand.

Here are all the resources you’ll need as you work through the book. You’ll need to sign up to the mailing list to access them which is completely free and you can gain instant access to all of these resources and more. Enjoy!

How to Style your Brand resources
  1. The Brand Stylist Manifesto to inspire you as you work! Think of it as our call to arms.
  2. The How to Style your Brand Planning Workbook You’ll love working through this. Just make sure you have a super inspiring space and your favourite drink to hand…
  3. The Brand Stylist Brief Utterly essential for documenting your intention from the get-go and avoiding tricky magpie-moments later
  4. Colour Psychology Seasonal Personality Worksheet So helpful for streamlining your decisions and making your workflow efficient
  5. Reviewing Creative Work Checklist to ensure that what’s produced is on brief and on message.


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