Plans for the new workshops

Hurrah for another new week! With just three weeks to go until the children break up from school (and before I take a six week break from my business) the to do list is getting soooo focused. So much to do before the end of term, and as usual, so little time!

You might remember that back in May I asked for your input on what sorts of workshops you would like. I really appreciated the comments, thoughts and votes from (almost 400 of) you. Wow. You told me that you want all the things I want to teach the most which is wonderful. I have so many ideas for new workshops and I can’t wait to start teaching them!

Colour for Creatives Online


As you know, I’ve loved delivering each and every one of the Colour for Creatives workshops and have met some incredible people along the way. The plan is for this to eventually become a three-level online course. The Absolute Essentials which will mirror what we’ve done on the live workshops, a more advanced workshop for those of you that would like to refine your knowledge and take it to the next level and finally a third class for professionals.

I would love to launch this in the Autumn, but I met with Jo, my editor last week and we are planning to have the manuscript for book two written by the end of term (yikes!!!) and then the design and photography finished by half term so that the book is off to print by Christmas for a spring launch.

Given the amount of time and mental energy that book one took up, I’m not certain I can commit to launching an course over the same time period as well. I’m not joking when I say that would probably cause me a nervous breakdown. So let’s see how the book goes first? Once I have some time to dedicate to it, it won’t be long as I have so much planned out already.

The Brand Brilliance workshop


In the meantime, I have a brand new workshop lined up for the autumn, Brand Brilliance: a two day workshop that I’ll be running in both Surrey in October and New York (at the Good Light Studio in Chelsea, Manhattan again) in early November.

These will be more intimate events that’ll give you more one to one time with me and even more clarity, purpose and determination! Hurrah!


Brand Brilliance is all about defining what makes your business unique and letting that shine through in everything you communicate.

It’s about giving you the confidence, focus and clarity to and make sure that you’re on message, each and every time. It’s about defining your dream clients, owning your niche, identifying your brand values, creating your mission and defining your creative style. In short, it’s about determining your message.

On day two we’ll take this focus and explore works with your visual aesthetic. How do you make sure that the way you style your photos, filter your instagram images and bring your brand to life reflects the message you want to send out? We will, of course, also explore how this feeds into your brand identity: so if you’re at the start of a brand styling project this will be a brilliant jumping off point. But equally, it’ll be just as valuable to those of you who feel you have a smart looking website and logo you can be proud of that want to get a tighter handle on your brand and your focus.

You’ll leave the workshop with a Brand Blueprint that’ll document many of the creative decisions you’ve taken as well as plenty of mood boards (of course!) notes and bags of inspiration.

The workshop reflects the process I use with my one-to-one consultancy clients and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Naturally the price will need to reflect the significantly smaller groups (in the UK there’ll be a maximum of 11 students and in NY, up to 18) but I’ve also really worked hard to keep things affordable and there are instalment plans available if you’re quick! You can find out more about the class and snag your place here. Here’s the details for the New York class.

Style Your Brand with me!


Next spring I hope to launch a Style Your Brand online workshop – a chance for us to work through developing your brand identity in a safe, supportive and creative community.

The idea is that we’ll work through styling your brand with guided tutorials every week, and after five weeks, you will have a beautifully styled brand identity that you can be proud of. Can’t wait! Again, I’m very clear on how this will work, I just need to carve out the time to make it happen.

A one day Brand Clarity workshop


I do love the big workshops with their party-style atmosphere and energy and I don’t want to give that up. Being in a positive, creative and kind environment surrounded by so many wonderful entrepreneurs is a soul affirming thing and whilst I am excited about the more intimate workshops, I’ll definitely be balancing those with one day workshops too.

Expect a one day Brand Clarity workshop mid-late spring next year, certainly in London, perhaps in California late summer, depending on how things go. So many ideas, so little time!

Oh, and the big thing that I cannot. stop. thinking about.

The Brand Stylist Retreat

I’m going to be running a retreat for brand stylists next May. Eeeeek!

This was totally inspired by the students I met in New York who totally reinvigorated me and also reminded me that as Brand Stylists, we could all do with a little time to step away, recharge our batteries and work on our business. I’m still to scope out the exact agenda but the idea is that as well as sessions on thinking big and creating exciting new directions, we’ll also work on the process of brand styling and building your business. Having built and sold a successful business myself, I can’t wait to share some of the lessons, tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

Oh, and seriously. The place I have booked? Breathtaking. Here’s a sneak preview. More to follow…

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