The game-changing nature of colour psychology

Back in 2009 I booked a Colour Psychology course for my design team and I. To be honest, I hadn’t really expected any more than an interesting foray into the meaning of certain colours and a bit of team building.

What we learned in that class transformed my business and our creative process.   the-game-changing-nature-of-colour-psychology 
Colour psychology introduced a welcome level of objectivity into the very subjective art of brand styling and website design. We became more efficientmore productive and paradoxically more creative within the parameters of the theory.

Colour psychology enabled us to take better briefsunderstand our clients more deeply and enjoy the confidence of creating something that was certain to resonate with both our client and in turn, their clients.

Essential know how for designers

Since taking the class we refined and developed our practice and incorporated it into the heart of our creative process. We began to find links not only with colour but discovered that the theory could be applied across pattern, texture and fonts. This enabled us to create more cohesive, powerful brand identities and websites.
Using colour psychology was a welcome shortcut for our internal communication as well as providing a framework for quality. We could quickly identify whether something was sending out the right messages about a brand and importantly, if it wasn’t working, how to fix it. As you can imagine, this was invaluable in the sometimes fickle and subjective industry we operated in!
Before long we had developed an international reputation for designing creative, inspirational and evocative brand identities that resonated deeply both with the business owner and importantly, their current and prospective clients.  We worked on exciting projects for many small businesses both across the UK and also worldwide, in places as far flung as Singapore, Toronto and California.


I sold my brand styling agency in 2012 and have spent a wonderful couple of years at home with the children.  As well as welcoming a new baby into the family and all the adjustments that this brings we have been busy renovating our cottage. And I’ve found that once again, my colour psychology knowledge has come into its’ own, in helping us to create an inspirational, welcoming and creative space that really feels like home. 

If you’ve never explored colour psychology I’d urge you to take ten minutes out of your day with a cup of tea and take a look at The Absolute Essentials of Colour Psychology. It’s fascinating, but more than that, it’ll help you up your game, steal a march on the competition and make your clients happier.

The Workshop


I’m running a Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop in London, on 30th September. and I’d so love to see you there UPDATE – you’ll find future workshops here.

We’ve had a lot of interest and have a really lovely bunch coming: from florists and photographers to graphic designers, bloggers and a furniture designer.  There are still a couple of spaces left and I’d urge you to take a look – honestly, it’ll be a fabulous day and it really will be mind blowingly game changing for your business.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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I think this concept is so fascinating!! However I don’t live anywhere near any of your workshop locations 🙁 would you recommend and books or online courses about colour psychology? I loved your post about the seasons. I am definitely a spring!!


Hi Rachel, lovely to hear from you. I’m hoping to take my workshops on tour next year so do let me know where you are and it may well be somewhere I’ll be headed.

In the meantime there is one book on colour psychology by Angela Wright. Angela is the leading expert on the subject and although the book is probably 20 years old it’s very comprehensive and absolutely fascinating.

Keep your eyes peeled for my book in the Spring too 🙂


I’d love to learn more about colour psychology but unfortunately, I live really far from you (in Singapore). Haha! Angela Wright’s book is already out of print, would you have any other great recommendations? thanks!!


Hi Natalie, thanks so much for your comment. Are you on my mailing list? If so, I’ll be sharing details of something quite exciting over the coming months 😉

Styling Roger Lewis’ Brand – The Brand Stylist

[…] And this is where colour psychology comes into its’ own. Can you see how the website above is perfectly smart, professional and nice. But it’s a summer personality. And Roger Lewis (RL) are a winter business. They wanted to communicate their expertise, commitment to quality, flair for design and dynamic approach to business. Their current website just doesn’t do that – and colour psychology gives you a framework that helps you understand why that is. If you’re new to colour psychology, discover more here and here. […]


love what you have to say, but I’m a little confused about picking a season for my brand. I am a graphic designer and illustrator, who doesn’t have more work at any one given season. Spring feels like it could work, but how can I really know?

Fiona Humberstone

hi Jeff, thanks so much for your comment. Your question deserves a larger answer than a brief comment reply but essentially, I’d suggest you read all of my posts on colour and branding in detail and things will become clearer. Colour psychology is about helping you encapsulate the spirit of your brand, rather than when your business is busy. It’s about reflecting your brand values and personality. Good luck!



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